VMware Event “Enabling the Digital Enterprise” am 10. und 11. Februar!

Am 10. und 11. Februar 2016 veranstaltet VMware ein großes Online-Event mit dem Titel “Enabling the Digital Enterprise”. Die Agenda verspricht viele spannende Themen und u.a. einige Neuigkeiten aus dem Bereich End-User Computing (VMware Horizon), der VMware Cloud Management Platform (vRealize Lösungen) sowie VMware Virtual SAN.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger wird sowohl von Sanjay Poonen (EVP & GM, End User Computing) und Raghu Raghuram (EVP, Software-Defined Data Center Division) in den jeweiligen Sessions begleitet. Ein kurzer Blick auf die Agenda:

Track 1 – Deliver and Secure Your Digital Workspace (Pat Gelsinger and Sanjay Poonen)

  • How to transform traditional IT culture, process, tools, and budgets by delivering and managing any app on any device from one platform
  • What’s new with the VMware Horizon portfolio
  • VMware’s new approach for managing your desktop and apps in the cloud

Track 2 – Build and Manage Your Hybrid Cloud (Pat Gelsinger and Raghu Raghuram)

  • How companies are implementing CMPs for intelligent operations, automated IT to IaaS, and DevOps-ready IT
  • VMware’s new streamlined product portfolio
  • Why companies are embracing HCI solutions powered by Virtual SAN

Registrierung: http://www.vmware.com/digitalenterprise

Horizon Workspace behind a DMZ loadbalancer

During the implementation of Horizon Workspace at a customer I’ve experienced a quite challenging situation last week. While the installation was a pretty straight forward process if you stick to our install guide we weren’t able to reach Horizon from outside the company network.  After typing the external web address in the browser it always went to the internal address which of course wasn’t reachable from outside. The setup was exactly our reference architecture shown in the picture below with a loadbalancer in the DMZ that points to the Horizon Gateway appliance on the internal network.

Horizon Workspace
(Source: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-workspace-reference-architecture.pdf)

After some troubleshooting we found a very easy solution, but it was not that obvious or very well documented. When the OVA has been deployed you have to check the DNS resolution for all internal and external names and make sure the PTR record (reverse resolution) is working. It’s critical that no aliases for the names are configured, the reverse resolution is working fine and no other records (MX,etc.) are configured. Now comes the important part: while completing the console-based configurator menu after starting the vApp it’s absolutely important to enter – when asked by the wizard – the EXTERNAL name, i.e. horizon.yourcompany.com as the Horizon FQDN and NOT the internal name, i.e. horizon.justforinternal.local. In other words enter the name which points to the loadbalancer and not the name of the Horizon gateway-ca.

Once that configuration was done, it worked like a charm!